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Love ChatGPT?
Now train it on custom data and add it to your app & website.

With, you can quickly add custom-trained OpenAI’s ChatGPT or other open-source GPTs to your apps in minutes

Currently supporting SDKs for all the popular platforms


Let your users chat with your documents

Create custom instances of GPT-3, GPT-J, and others in seconds

Train On Your Data

OpenAI's ChatGPT cannot answer based on your files and data. uses advanced vectors to train on your custom data.

Multiple SDKs

Wherever you are building, you'll find our SDK that you can integrate in just couple of minutes and get things started.

Multiple Models Available

Connect with either OpenAI's GPT-3 (or GPT-4 coming soon), GPT-J, or many others. Soon you'll also be able to upload your model.


Affordable pricing. Easy scaling. 14 days free trial.
Currently, in Beta; no subscription is required!

Want to try it online? Get started with our free to use an online hosted chatbot that can be trained on your data.

$25 Monthly
Trained on files with less than 20,000 words
  • 10,000 requests per month
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$35 Monthly
Trained on files with less than 50,000 words
  • 30,000 requests per month
  • Priority Support
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How does the 14-day trial work?

When you’ll sign up, we’ll not charge your card and will charge it only after 14 days. Hence you can enjoy a worry-free 14-day subscription.

Is my data safe? Can read it?

We’re a privacy-first company. Even we cannot read or query your files or data.

How does your Beta works?

For the next couple of weeks, we are launching in beta which means no subscription is required. You may just signup and start using

Can you integrate it for me?

Sure thing! We have a team of experts in web and mobile who can help you with any type of development you need.

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What to expect?
Easy setup and supercharge your apps

Unleash the power of generative AI for your business, chats and end-users

How does it work?

1. Create a free trial account & select your base model

Signup for a 14 days free trial account and select your base model from wide variety of options.

2. Upload your files securely to train

Upload your data in formats like PDF, DOCS, TXT, etc., and wait some time to get it trained. We'll email you as soon as the training is complete

3. Test it out and integrate SDK

Test your fine-tuned model online with our web version and then use any of our SDKs to integrate with your app by creating an API key

Ready for small and big questions. From small talks to enterprise-ready chats.

Free online hosted chat

Talk to your PDF, DOC, Text and more

Explore with a free online hosted version where you simply upload your files, give it a few seconds and start asking questions

Are you an enterprise?

If you are an enterprise looking to train models on large dataset and files, get in touch with us to talk about our enterprise plans

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Want our experts to integrate trained GPT to your apps?

Deploy our experts to integrate with your product today. Our team is proficient in all major technologies.

Privacy comes first!

At, data privacy is our top priority. We ensure your information, data, and trained models remain confidential with advanced security measures and never share them with third parties. We won’t even use your data internally without explicit consent. By choosing us, you’re entrusting a partner that values and respects your privacy, paving the way for a secure, connected future.

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    We're in public beta. That means is free at to use at the moment.

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